The New Wave of Copywriters

July 29th, 2010

Julian AbelCopywriting used to be synonymous with advertising. While people like David Abbott and David Ogilvy, ‘The Father of Advertising’, were praised like rock stars for their iconic slogans and ad campaigns, those who wrote copy for marketing and business were the stage managers – setting the tone from behind-the-scenes.

While copywriting for marketing and business will never achieve celebrity status – nor should it – the way we say things (tone of voice) and what we say (benefits) has never been more valued. This is probably down to our increasingly diminished attention span and the information overload across all media, particularly the web. But with all these companies vying for our attention, the clarity and impact of our content is vital to attracting new business. This is why today, good freelance copywriters are in such high demand.

The truth is few people can write good copy. Of course there are many skilled writers out there – but copywriting is more than just writing. It’s about the preparation you have to do to understand the brand, product or service you’re trying to communicate the benefits of, before you start typing away. A good freelance copywriter must understand the branding process and be able to get inside the head of a target audience. Otherwise, the content won’t trigger a response and, with one blink, the opportunity will be lost. Read the rest of this entry »»»

Yes, Twitter Really Can Help Your Business

July 29th, 2010

Intranet FutureTwitter. The word suggests that the conversation will be shallow and trivial or just plain gossip. Whilst it’s true that there’s plenty of meaningless babble on Twitter, it’s also a great tool that can help businesses in several ways.

Twitter can be used to broaden your reach and to connect with potential customers, to share best practice, to service your customers, to obtain feedback and to promote your events and special offers – you get the idea. In short, it’s a free tool that you can use to help grow your business.

There are currently approximately 107 million people on Twitter, and around 300,000 are joining them every day. Some of these people are your customers and potential customers and it’s likely that sometimes they are talking about your company. It’s even more likely that they are talking about your type of business or product. You have the opportunity to be a part of this conversation.

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Your Web Site is Your Best Friend!

July 27th, 2010

dotSquared Web Design and DevelopmentClients often confess their true thoughts on the necessity of a web site for their business growth half way through a project. The boss of a Brighton-based management training consultancy recently admitted: “To be honest, I get most of my work through word of mouth so I’m just having this site made as something for my clients to look at”. Well congratulations! You are clearly doing your job well and using your client chain efficiently.

However, nobody likes to miss a trick and neither should you. Why not build a web site to include users from all angles; the unknowns? The entirely new business who may just need your services. It could be a company/individual who finds your services via SEO or who picks up your business card/flyer/print brochure and wants reassurance that you are the company for them. This is when your web site needs to sing your praises in the same way perhaps your past clients might or you yourself would. And, importantly, it needs to do it FAST!

Web copy is not the Sunday papers, it must be succinct and to the point. One of my first jobs from Uni was an arts publicist where I soon learnt the 5 Ws – who, what, where, when, why? Get these questions answered in the first paragraph or two of a press release or in this case the primary landing pages of your web site and the user knows immediately if they’ve found the right place and can then spend their valuable time looking a little closer. As Steve Krug would say – don’t make me think!

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How “sales-ready” are your new business leads?

July 12th, 2010
Business Matching Success   How “sales ready” are your new business leads?

Ready, aim..!

“A sales-ready Lead can be defined as any prospect which is evaluating a solution for a business problem, and you (your company) has a product/solution which fits this situation”

This recent blog, although technology led, got me thinking about how we undertake generating a pipeline of new business opportunity for our marketing services clients.

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