Cake merges with RSW

May 13th, 2013

On 17APR13 Cake business matching merged with RSW to create RSW/AUS.

An ex RSW new business development manager from a decade ago merges her boutique business matching consultancy with RSW. Cake business matching, established in 2005 is now operating with its new identity, RSW/AUS.

This merger is both an exciting and logical move forward following Sally Danbury’s emigration to South Australia in 2011.  RSW strengthens the existing offering, resource and reach of Cake business matching with its start up agency specialism.

Sally is ready to embrace the next level whilst continuing to support existing clients without disruption.

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UK agency business development; working harder and smarter

March 29th, 2012

Business Matching Success   UK agency business development; working harder and smarterFor those of you who aren’t aware I emigrated from the UK towards the end of 2011 and have settled in the south of Australia.  A beautiful place to relocate to, and on the whole I’m loving it, yet I am also really astonished, and quite frustrated, at how different and dare I say it…behind… agency new business development is here.

I’ve listed a short series of refresher questions below to give an idea of the initial process that is conducted when building a solid new business plan.  This can be applied to any marketing agency discipline, location and at any stage of the business’ maturity.

I’m continuing to build a picture of the Australian marketing industry here and specifically, I’ve witnessed here in SA that there is a very traditional and much more reactive approach to agency new business development.  Many agencies still rely purely upon referrals, recommendations and word of mouth for new business generation and yet this can’t be controlled and won’t provide a constant flow of tangible opportunities.

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Building trust for new business wealth. 5 tips

December 5th, 2011

Business Matching Success   Building trust for new business wealth. 5 tipsIn a recent post about the importance of blogging for new business and how helpful content creates trust, one of my favourite and useful blogs,  Social Media Examiner sums up  the essence of new business success; building trust.

Trust = Leads. Leads = Sales

Here are a few new business generation pointers to aid the all important trust building process

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Persistence that positively impacts on your bottom line

August 15th, 2011

Business Matching Success   Persistence that positively impacts on your bottom lineIf you want something badly enough you set out to get it, whatever ‘it’ may be. It can take time, but with the right level of dedication and determination the prize can often be realised.  The same can be applied when looking at a successful business development programme.

I know this as it’s what people say most of all when they feedback; ‘Your persistence has paid off’ is a familiar retort, and it’s all good.  People like the persistence – it’s respectful and not repetitive, where communication is well thought through and where previous insight gleaned from initial conversations has been considered.  Also, it shows a genuine desire and if the reasoning stacks up, progress will happen in time when a requirement for your services is on the horizon.

We apply persistence in different ways. We’re creative, we think of our audience (age, personality, outlook etc) and what is likely to grab our target’s attention (a call, email, InMail, Tweet, video link, event invitation, letter, creative mailer, on occasion even cupcakes…). Then, once we’ve made that impression, we stay front of mind (if the timing is a little off and progress can’t be made immediately). A few successful examples include;

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Clients behaving badly. Top tips for better working practice

July 19th, 2011

Business Matching Success   Clients behaving badly.  Top tips for better working practice

New business agencies often suffer from bad press, possibly because there are some with less than cast iron reputations. Those amongst us safeguarding our service levels often meet prospective clients recovering from a bad experience and it  is challenging to modify their opinions quickly. We don’t relish the negative association and have our work cut out to change this line of thought.

On occasion and conversely,  clients can be less than agreeable too.

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