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We realise that it’s our collective of colleagues and friends with complimentary business offerings in associated fields that make CAKE business matching strong, and at the front of the ever evolving marketing communications industry.

We want to share their views and offering as part of an overall CAKE business matching ‘cupcake collaborative’.

We aim to update the cupcake collaborative with tasty offerings each month so please visit us regularly – we’ll look forward to your comments!

Articles to date:

Welcome to the brighter side of accounting

Brightbook is the perfect bookkeeping solution for small business owners, freelancers and contractors. It’s like all the best bits all rolled into one; create and send professional looking invoices in any currency, track your bills and spend more time doing what you love.

Percassity Marketing Solutions
Marketing: don’t do it this way

The economic turbulence of the past couple of years and ensuing upheavals present the opportunity to re-evaluate the role of marketing operations. This is particularly the case for the many marketing departments that have shed staff and now need to find smarter ways of undertaking some of those lost individuals’ activities.

Alias PR, Marketing and Design
Is your marketing suffering from ‘The X Factor Syndrome’?

Basing the way a business communicates and presents itself on the sole input of friends and family makes no sense to us. They are not going to give the objective and unbiased critique often needed when developing marketing materials – especially if the person asking for their opinion has produced it themselves.

Essence Design Branding Strategy and Design
Let Your Brand Look After Your New Business

There are many, many different paths to achieve your business goals, but if you look at how the big boys did it, they all have at least one thing in common: they looked after their brand whether they were a start-up or established business looking to push into new markets.

NikkiPilkington is owner of, a Social Media and Internet Marketing Agency
5 Social Media Outlets Every New Startup Should Consider

We all know what it’s like – when you start a business you have to watch every penny. There’s not always a massive marketing budget and it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start with low or no cost marketing; what works, what’s a waste of time, and what are you missing out on because you just don’t know?

Own Your Google Local Business Listing

Google Local Business Centre is a FREE service that integrates with Google Maps, allowing you to add your business to the search engines map listings, along with associated information such as; opening hours, business category, website link etc. Google Local Business Centre can help your business by improving itʼs local search engine rankings.

Julian Abel
The New Wave of Copywriters

Copywriting used to be synonymous with advertising. While people like David Abbott and David Ogilvy, ‘The Father of Advertising’, were praised like rock stars for their iconic slogans and ad campaigns, those who wrote copy for marketing and business were the stage managers – setting the tone from behind-the-scenes.

Intranet Future
Yes, Twitter Really Can Help Your Business

Twitter can be used to broaden your reach and to connect with potential customers, to share best practice, to service your customers, to obtain feedback and to promote your events and special offers – you get the idea. In short, it’s a free tool that you can used to help grow your business.

dotSquared Web Design and Development
Your Web Site is Your Best Friend!

Nobody likes to miss a trick and neither should you… your web site needs to sing your praises in the same way perhaps your past clients might or you yourself would. And, importantly, it needs to do it FAST!